Conversation Club!

Ahh conversation club. Every week we host a conversation club for 2 hours at the university. What’s cool about Convo Club is that it is open to the public and your level of English does not matter!

You can be an advanced English speaker or someone who is learning the basics and just is curious to hear the language by not only natives but also people who share your native language. We get young, old, male, female, students from all various disciplines, faculty, and even workers at the universities. It’s an awesome environment. Every week we choose a topic or an activity and just talk about it. We’ve had:

A game night with Taboo (I’ve learned that these students are into Taboo just as much as I am in the States)

Society’s Perception of Beauty


Trivia Night

Karaoke Night (My favorite thus far)

Here are some pictures:


Karaoke Night!

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