Welcome Home.

Ahh Moroccans. I had a great time in Morocco this weekend. It was very low key and relaxed. The general vibe I got from people I met out here is to just enjoy life. They are all so happy! So many of the locals make their money by selling items they make themselves or just selling whatever. All I kept thinking was you can’t knock the hustle. It’s real. And the way they sell you stuff. At first you may brush them off but they are so persistent that you may just find yourself buying something because the way they market it to you is so captivating. They’re like “I made it myself! It’s real! It’s Berber!” I found myself asking questions and they had so many interesting origins about the item they were selling. Very authentic stuff.

I’ve always thought I was a great bargainer, but coming to Morocco has taught me I’m an amateur. You can make them go so low! I wanted a bracelet for 20 dirham (2 euros) and at first I told the man 1 euro he said no and walked away. Then I said 1.50 and finally he gave in to 2. I love it because if you walk away and they realize they are losing a potential sale they will be so quick to match your price. I think my best purchase this weekend were my hair oils. How could I come to Morocco and NOT get Moroccan/Argan oil?? It’s great. I was able to get Moroccan, coconut and lavender all for 5 euros. I can’t wait to use it on my hair later tonight 🙂

This weekend I’ve noticed that generally Moroccans are friendlier than Spaniards. The best line I got this weekend was “welcome home.” I died of laughter because they are so genuine and happy when they say it and you can’t get even a little offended. With so many of their toothless smiles I couldn’t help but return their friendliness. So many asked me where I was from and I’ve noticed I keep getting the same general response from Moroccans which was “welcome/bienvenue/bienvenidos au Maroc.” They are so freaking nice!! They seemed so happy that we were there in their country and I found myself speaking a mixture of English, Spanish and the little I remember of high school French. It was cool because communicating wasn’t really a huge issue out here because there was always some way of communicating. Whether it was through hand gestures, different languages or just smiles it was great.

I’ve also had the chance this weekend to speak with Moroccans who were working in the hotel. They were just so accommodating and happy to serve. I’ve just decided that the people I’ve encountered this weekend were just happy and legit had no worries. So we were speaking with them and again it was a mixture of various languages and hand gestures but one thing that I keep in mind is how one guy pointed to his left ring finger and said “marriage. No. No Islam no Islam.” Essentially he was saying because he was Muslim and I am not we could not get married which I already knew but it was cool to see how much conviction he had behind that statement. Another thing that was interesting was when one guy told us that drinking was against the Islam faith which I already knew but what I found particularly cool was how he said when they ascend to heaven to meet Allah they will all drink and party with him there! It’s rare to find someone of my age say that with such general happiness and acceptance in the states. I love it. They just know that everything will be taken care of once they meet Allah. That’s why I respect the Muslim faith so much because they are passionate and have so much faith in everything.

I gotta say, this was a great weekend. I was able to meet some awesome people who identify with me and understand the struggles in Sevilla (more about that in the next post) and just take in this beautiful culture.

Oh by the way this was my first time in AFRICA and I’m most def coming back to this continent.


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