Morocco is a beautiful country. Well what I have seen thus far. Legit everywhere I have been I have been in enthralled with what I have seen. Today we went to a town called Chefchaouen and what makes this city unique is that everything is blue. The buildings are painted a pretty light blue color and it gives everything a beautiful bright ambiance. There is a reason for that though. They paint the houses blue because it keeps the heat out (those 110 days are dreadful around here) and also Mosquitos and flies aren’t attracted to it. I swear Arabs have a reason for everything and I love it.

Muslim people normally don’t like their picture taken and I remember this because there was a third grade teacher in my elementary school who never had his picture taken in the yearbook because of his faith. The city was beautiful but so many of the students were taking pictures and sometimes the locals would be in them and they were insistent on not being in them. Some of them were angry which is understandable but others were just ridiculous. Some man just kept yelling bitch! Fuck! Bitch! Fuck! That really wasn’t necessary man. Anyway I felt uncomfortable at times because I felt voyeuristic. Here I am whipping out my iPhone and my expensive camera and trying to capture pictures of these people in their natural element. I thought about it and realized would I like it if someone came to my neighborhood and started snapping pictures of me like that? But then I thought of the contrary and thought this is a tourist town and also beautiful and no explanation of mine can serve this city justice. So i have pictures but I tried really hard to not get any locals and be respectful of their property.

There are few things that stick out to me from the tour. The tour guide said there is no capitalism, no rich, no poor and everyone is middle class. I love it. I love that way of life and mindset. It’s all of a land of equality and no one is better than the other. That’s how it should be in my opinion. Life that is. There are so many issues that derive from equality. Race, class, gender, wars. All from inequality. This little town in Morocco is simply not about that life. It’s awesome. Another thing that sticks out is he said the water is fresh and pure and pointed to the mountains all around us and said it all comes from mountains. Everything is so laid back!

I love it!!!


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