Few Observations

I’ve been in Spain for a couple of months now and it’s really starting to feel like home. There are so many things I’m starting to catch on to. When I’m on a bus and I hear English it’s weird. It sounds foreign. I turn around and I’m like what the hell? I’m so used to hearing Spanish every where I go and pick up on certain conversations. It’s awesome. I know for a fact my listening skills have improved but not so much my speaking skills. I need to work on that.
When I speak English with other Sevillanos, they always say to slow down. When you’re a native speaker it’s difficult to realize you’re speaking really quickly and how quickly you form the words. A lot of Europeans who learn English learn British English and British English is so clear and enunciated as opposed to American English. We speak so damn fast in America. For example people ask me how old I am and I say “twenty” and they look at me funny and say what? When I say twenty it sounds like “twendy”…it’s because just like Spaniards we don’t pronounce the letters in the middle of words. It’s all mashed into one huge word. It’s interesting.
Im also starting to realize how quickly Americans really do speak and it’s fast.

Also I know nothing about grammar.


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