I found a bookstore!

photoIt’s just been so nice out lately. I’ve been trying to be outside as much as possible and it’s great. I always have to stop for a second and think, wow it’s a beautiful October day, I’m wearing shorts sandals and a tank top and I’m enjoying this all in Spain. It’s surreal sometimes. I’m noticing that I’m just adopting a more relaxed personality and it’s nice. Back at home I know I can be so uptight and worry about the most insignificant things but here all I can really say is I ain’t got no worries! I do what I gotta do when I need to and I’m really going with the flow out here. I spend my days out, and when I feel like I could take a nap, I snap out of it and go for a walk.

Take for example today. I came out on a quest for a specific thing. I came to Hercules which is actually a really cool part of Seville. There are a ton of restaurants, bars and on the weekends this is where people just come out and drink with their friends. They come to these “botellons” I haven’t actually ever been to Hercules during the day and it’s really cool out here. It’s obviously a lot less hectic but it’s cool to get lost and walk around. I just began my walk and it’s so beautiful because you can get lost in the windy streets. Lose your balance on a pebble or just stare at awe at anything. I normally do the latter. I came across a book store and of course I had to walk in. Reading is something that I have always enjoyed and I feel like since I’ve been here I’ve been neglecting books.  I’m greeted by the smell of books and I immediately feel at ease. The first thing that catches my eye is this book about Breaking Bad. I’m already intrigued. I pick it up and read the synopsis and read that it’s about the sociological aspect of the show why it’s arguably one of the best shows of our generation and comparisons to other shows like the Wire and The Sopranos. I gotta get this! I ask the book owner how much it costs and he tells me 20 euros.

Now, if you know me you know I’m frugal aka cheap as hell. He asked me if I finished the series and all excitedly I was like yes!! And I asked him and he was like no. I have to start the last season. I’ve noticed that here in Spain when I get really excited about something and a Spaniards ask me about it I reply all excited and shit and they ALWAYS look bored. Anyway I asked him about other books and he suggested books about sociology, and other things and I looked around the book store for a good half hour. I came up short and I kept thinking to myself that I would buy a book, regret it when I began reading it and wished I had got breaking bad instead.

This is all related to my personality adjustment out here and now when I want something, I don’t ruminate about it for minutes and think I want it, so I have to get it! Now I’m not being irresponsible with my money at least I don’t think I am but I worked so hard, I was worked to the bone this summer at my godawful job I definitely should spend my money on things that make me happy. So I didn’t get what I came for, but I ended up getting something better and more beneficial for me. I’ll be reading which I love, reading about one of my favorite shows, learning, and did I mention this book is all in Spanish?

Yay for a good day.


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