I’ve been getting a little bit inspired lately. Yesterday I went to get a coffee and I tried to make it fast because I had a skype date with Jalen and he was a little mad last time that I “ditched” him (not really) to hang out with some Spaniards but I made sure to be on time this time. Keywords: I tried. Anyway I was a little late because I was having a conversation with one of the bartenders at the coffee shop where I was. As humans it’s so easy to get what you need to get and to acknowledge the person who is doing the service for you but yesterday I decided to strike up a conversation with Juan the man who made my coffee. I could of easily said thanks for the coffee and walked away but I was feeling inspired. So I asked how his day was in Spanish and after that we just had a pleasant conversation about random things. We went back and forth between Spanish and English because he is trying to learn English and I want to improve in Spanish but it was mostly in Spanish. It was cool though because he was telling me about how the economic crisis in Spain effected him personally. I know Spain’s economy is shit but I did not know that 1 in 6 people are unemployed and the statistics are even worse for young people; 1 in 4 are unemployed. So about 6 million Spaniards are unemployed, it’s kind of a ridiculous statistic if you put it in perspective. I did not realize how bad it was, I knew it was a high rate but nothing like that. Anyway we were talking and I love when you’re so into a conversation with someone that you lose track of time and that’s what happened with Juan and I. He is just this nice older man, he has to be in his forties or something and we were just talking about life. I learned a little bit of information about fascist Spain from him and a customer came in and joined in our conversation.  It was really nice! Had I not glanced at my watch at 7 I would have missed my skype date with Jalen and his extra behind would have not let me live that down. I hurried back (late) and told him what happened and had to let him know that things in Spain are just laid-back. You may have an appointment with someone but that does not necessarily mean that you will be on time. I love that concept, I’m always late at home anyway and I know it’s not good to keep people waiting but I blend in so well with Spaniards in that aspect! I was just happy  to talk to someone in Spanish and have a real conversation without feeling so damn self-conscious of my Spanish. He corrected me when necessary and explained when it is right to use certain tenses and when it’s not. It’s nice because he’s always there and I will definitely be going back to practice more.




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