Don’t Judge.

After writing that last post, I didn’t realize that I would be writing one right after the other one. I just got extremely emotional. I cried. Exposing oneself is probably one of the hardest things someone can do, and I didn’t realize how much it would affect me. I really used to care what people think about me, but now I am just starting to not care at all. I cried because I realized that I put myself completely out there and there is no going back. I cried because I realized that I have nothing holding me back right now and I made this decision to put myself out there and accept what people thought about me despite their previous conceived notions. I cried because I realized that I don’t need to be so consumed with my peers and their thoughts about me because at the end of the day I am the only one that needs to care about me and if no one else does I am perfectly fine with that. I cried because I realized that I am so vulnerable right now and being vulnerable is something that I am not used to but in order to overcome things in my life I need to put myself in uncomfortable situations and just deal with it.  I cried because I feel like no one really knows who I am and I am using this opportunity to let people know who the real me is and to honestly give no fucks. I cried for myself because I realized I will become a stronger person out of all of this. 


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