It’s The Small Things.

YO! So I know obviously while I’m here I won’t be able to enjoy some of the things I do at home like get my eyebrows done or my nails on the regular but its starting to really suck. Yes, this is insignificant when I look at it, but I swear it’s the small things that really matter to me. I sound really snobby I feel like but not finding a respectable eyebrow place that won’t fuck up my brows is really difficult! I know it’s noticeable to other people, but its obvious to me and I just want them to be freshly waxed! Also, between all of the walking and running and just time I spend on my feet my feet could definitely get some TLC. Yes, yes my appearance should not matter when I am out traveling the world, learning a new language and doing great things but right now it sucks! I really want a nice pedicure, fresh eyebrows and feel great. I can easily do my feet myself but it’s not the same. This post just goes to show how much I care about the small things about my appearance but I don’t care, I need it! On a side note, I am about to go to an Interchange tonight and I’m excited! I’m ready to speak some Spanish and not feel so self conscious. I need to become fluent by December and it all starts now!


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