So Let Me Tell You How I Got Disrespected Last Night.

Okay, so I’ve been here for about a month now and it feels like so much longer. I was talking to my mom today and she was like “it’s only been a month? you have 3 more left?” It does seem like a lot but also a short time. I’ve done so much already and so much has happened in just this month. Anyway last night we had a typical Spain night. We were planning on going to a festival in this neighborhood called Hercules but we got there too late and ended up just hanging around. These are called “botellons” essentially everyone is just hanging around with their friends and drinking, talking, socializing and meeting new people. It’s cool because I’ve never seen anything like it. There had to be at least 1000 in this large plaza. So we were all hanging around being merry, enjoying ourselves and just talking. We were sitting down on the ground playing games talking whatever and then all of a sudden I realize that a woman is sitting in front of us and her friend was trying to take a picture of us! It was especially uncomfortable because she was only trying to take a picture of Caity and I. Now, she wasn’t slick with it at all, everyone else in the circle was white and Spanish and the other black girls left to walk around and the worst part is she made a shushing motion to one of the other girls in the circle. This disrespectful ass woman had the gall to tell her not to say anything while she tried low-key to take a picture of the 2 black women. 

Now, I’ve had a couple of incidents where someone would yell out “negra! de donde eres?” in the middle of street because seeing black people here is a rarity and I would just ignore them and keep it moving. Or i’ll be walking with a group and all of us happen to be black or mixed or clearly not white and we will get stares, and people will break their necks looking at us, but none of that compares to what happened last night. This woman was just blatantly RUDE. She tried to take a picture of us like we were some exhibit or props or something and I just found it extremely offensive. Maybe because I’ve been fortunate to grow up in a country where seeing different people is normal for me and if I see a Cambodian, Indian, Somalian or Polish person I won’t stare at them like they are some type of animal and try to take a picture of them without them knowing. I just thought it was ridiculous that she tried to be slick like we weren’t going to notice! So Caity and I immediately got up and we were about to make a scene. I normally don’t cause scenes because this stuff definitely does bother me but not to a level where they can get a reaction from me but I found this insane. Our Spanish friend told us to calm down, and that annoyed me even more, don’t tell me to be calm when you’re not the one in my shoes experience this blatant disrespect. He tried to explain to us that people in Spain aren’t racist but I wasn’t having it at that moment. They might not be racist but they’re RUDE AS FUCK and not slick. I know when you’re staring at me, I know when you’re yelling things out to me because I UNDERSTAND Spanish and I know when you laugh. To me these people are irrelevant but sometimes I’m just like damn , are you really that ignorant that you must do some silly shit like that? 

It’s sad that this is going to have to be the norm for me for the next couple of months but it’s okay because I think of all of the people who do stare and I just say they are just overwhelmed by our black beauty. LOL. It’s true though I know some people stare because they are mesmerized by us because we are “exotic” and I definitely use that to my advantage, but there are others who are just ridiculous. Anyway, you live and you learn and I’ve learned that there are some people out here who are not slick because I will say something and make them feel some type of way. I just gotta remember the good ALWAYS outweighs the bad!


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