I’m Getting There…

This is the last weekend with this current rotation and they are leaving next week for Paris and a new group will be coming in. I’m actually kind of excited that they are leaving and a new group is coming because it’ll keep things fresh and I won’t constantly be with the same people.  On the other hand, it sucks that they are leaving because I have definitely already formed bonds with people and we’ve gotten to know one another and it’s nice to form these connections. 

It’s good that they are leaving also because now I will be more likely to go out more and meet other Spaniards and talk actual Spanish with them which is exactly what I came here for. I swear if I’m not fluent by December I will be disappointed with myself. I know I can do it, it just requires a lot of practice. We met a Spanish student the other day when Rachel lost her phone and he found it, we ended talking to him for an hour and last night we went out and got drinks with him. I’m starting to notice that striking up conversations with random people is easier than I expected. I thought that it would be difficult to speak to Spaniards because I’m from the United States and they’re not, but theres so much to talk about!  For example, the other night I went to an intercambio which is essentially a place where people come together and practice the language they want to perfect.  I was able to meet a ton of people who are trying to learn English and it was really cool. I spoke in Spanish and I obviously made mistakes and they corrected me and it was just a nice thing because I didn’t feel like I was in a school setting where I felt pressured to speak Spanish and I was embarrassed of my mistakes because the people there were just so accepting and very willing to correct me and I did the same thing when they spoke English. I was there for about 2 hours and I did not even realize it until my stomach started grumbling because I missed out on dinner. I can’t even remember what I spoke about but all I know I felt comfortable and I’m excited to go back.



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