This is a week old, but I figured I talk about my trip last weekend to Granada. I wrote it down on my phone with the intention of writing it the next day but that didn’t happen. Anyway, let’s pretend it was from the night of.

So tonight we went to a flamenco show and it was mesmerizing. I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did but I loved it. The thing I love about Spain is that because there is so much history and culture infused into every day life here you will always find something to enjoy. These dancers were gypsy dancers and they were just amazing. There were 4 performers and each time someone would come up and dance I got lost in their performance. Through the music, the steady beat beat of the percussion box and the somber wail of the singers , it was just absolutely wonderful. The dancers themselves were lost in their craft and you could totally see it. We got the chance to sit right up front the second time they performed and in addition to watching them move their feet so effortlessly and fluidly, their eyes really captured everything they were conveying to the audience. I’ve never seen anything like it before. What I loved even more was that you could see so many various types of dances into the flamenco. The dancers would throw in some step moves and I thought I was watching drum line for a second! Anyway besides that the movement of their hips was also something to look at. And their hands! the movement of their hands were so intricate and it reminded me of Bollywood I didn’t know flamenco Included all of those things it could have also been this specific type of flamenco dance. It just goes to show how everything influences everything. Clearly these types of dances are influenced by Flamenco because I so many different aspects of other dances.Image The best part of the show was the little girl named Claudia who had to be at most 8 years old. This girl was amazing. Her skill level was breathtaking, her concentration inspiring and her all around technique was on point, she was so good I thought she was better than the older people. Her seriousness, her skill and not to mention she was cute as hell! I’m glad I was able to go to the the show because it was wonderful.



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