Let’s Get This Ball Rolling

I need to make a more conscious effort to write on this blog more. There are so many things happening and I need to write them down! Okay so I’m starting to adjust just a little to Spain. After mine and Caity’s awful experience at the gym the first time I’m starting to slowly but surely get the hang of things. We went to the gym the first time and in order to use the equipment you need to have a towel. In the states, bringing a towel is optional but here it is mandatory.  It makes sense though because they don’t have cleaning stations where you wipe down your sweat like they do at every other gym in the states and in a way its definitely cleaner. We were super embarrassed because everyone was staring at us at the gym and they thought we probably got kicked out but we decided to leave. 

That’s another thing I am slowly starting to get used to.  People STARE at us. Especially if I am walking with a large group of other black students. I understand that black people in Spain are very uncommon but it’s a little uncomfortable when I’m walking down the street and someone will legit crane their neck to stare with either disbelief, wonder, confusion and refusing to look away. I want to keep their gaze, but it’s so uncomfortable that I have to avert my eyes because sometimes I just can’t take it. Obviously when you’re traveling to a new place especially somewhere for a long time like I am you will be constantly comparing the visiting country to your home country and I am comparing so much to the States. I’m trying not to but it’s difficult not to when I think “someone in the states will look fleetingly at you if you don’t look like them.” Here its an entirely different story, they will just stare and it kind of feels like they’re staring in a way that will make me want to leave. Guess what I ain’t leaving, so get used to me!

It’s all baby steps here in Spain and each day is a new experience. I can’t write everything that has happened to me in the past 3 weeks but I’m excited to start writing more!


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